On January 20, 2018 at 1pm Eastern, join us for the second

1@1 Minute of Silence for women’s equality

Over half a million people around the world joined the first 1@1 minute on January 21, 2017.
Now more than ever, we need to connect and visualize women’s equality into being.

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The 1@1 women’s equality amplifier is a much-needed platform to help reach the goal of equal representation in leadership by 2025. We believe the issues championed by women are comprehensive in scope and vital to all Americans. We deliver 1-minute videos each week from compelling activists, thought leaders, and powerhouse women. We also create community events that connect and motivate. Designed to stave off burnout and complacency, 1@1 is a bite-size chunk of revolution for the overwhelmed.

1@1 began as way to connect the Women’s March with those who were unable to attend. On January 21, 2017 at 1 PM ET, 500,000+ people around the world united for one minute of silence to visualize women’s equality. From the stage of the Women’s March in DC that day, Gloria Steinem invited all to join.

On January 20, 2018, we will connect in our intention, salute our progress and visualize women’s equality once again for one focused minute at 1 PM ET. Then we get busy. We unite. We vote. We lead.


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1@1 Actions

12/11/2017: 1@1 Action: UNITE NOW with Kathy Najimy
12/4/2017: 1@1 Action: COMMENT FOR LEGISLATION with Amy Friedrich-Karnik
11/27/2017: 1@1 Action: HACER CLIC! with Rosie Mendez
11/20/2017: 1@1 Action: SPREAD KINDNESS with Carla Hall
11/13/2017: 1@1 Action: CALL & FIGHT with Pramila Jayapal
11/6/2017: 1@1 Action: VOTE PRO CHOICE with Heidi Sieck
10/30/2017: 1@1 Action: LEAD ON with Gloria Feldt
10/23/2017: 1@1 Action: DEMAND with Logan Levkoff
10/16/2017: 1@1 Action: SIGN with Ruchira Gupta
10/9/2017: 1@1 Action: PARTNER with Joann K. Chase
10/2/2017: 1@1 Action: POWER UP with Lenora Lapidus
9/25/2017: 1@1 Action: RAISE with Trenelle Gabay
9/18/2017: 1@1 Action: LOVE with Edie Windsor
9/11/2017: 1@1 Action: VOTE with Carlina Rivera
9/4/2017: 1@1 Action: PLEDGE with Stephanie Frank
8/28/2017: 1@1 Action: WALK with Soraya Salie
8/21/2017: 1@1 Action: SHOP with Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge
8/14/2017: 1@1 Action: SPEAK UP with India Baird
8/7/2017: 1@1 Action: OOZE with Jenny Block
7/31/2017: 1@1 Action: LIFT GIRLS with Lyn Pentacost
7/24/2017: 1@1 Action: TAKE A STAND with Linda Stein
7/17/2017: 1@1 Action: READ THIS! with Megan Smith
7/10/2017: 1@1 Action: EMPOWER THREE with Ruth Hunt
7/3/2017: 1@1 Action: WRITE NOW with Elisabeth Benjamin
6/26/2017: 1@1 Action: RECLAIM YOU, a special Pride message
6/19/2017: 1@1 Action: STAY PISSED with Kaira & Megan
6/12/2017: 1@1 Action: RESIST DAILY with Paola Mendoza
6/5/2017: 1@1 Action: GET INVOLVED with Kate Gorton & Co.
5/29/2017: 1@1 Action: WATCH with Carol Jenkins
5/22/2017: 1@1 Action: CHALLENGE with Taina Bien-Aime
5/15/2017: 1@1 Action: BRING IT UP with Rosie Rios
5/8/2017: 1@1 Action: WATCH Hillary Clinton
5/1/2017: 1@1 Action: DEMAND with Bridget Burns
4/24/2017: 1@1 Action: FUND with Karen Weiss (Part 2)
4/17/2017: 1@1 Action: CONTRIBUTE with Karen Weiss
4/10/2017: 1@1 Action: REMEMBER with Letty Cottin Pogrebin
4/3/2017: 1@1 Action: YELL with Alencia Johnson
3/27/2017: 1@1 Action: SUPPORT with Teresa Younger
3/20/2017: 1@1 Action: JOIN with Yasmeen Hassan
3/13/2017: 1@1 Action: SIGN with Bettina Hager
3/6/2017: 1@1 Action: UNITE & ORGANIZE with Dolores Huerta
2/27/2017: 1@1 Action: QUESTION with Kara Swisher
2/20/2017: 1@1 Action: RENEW with Jacqui Lewis
2/13/2017: 1@1 Action: LOVE with Edie Windsor
2/6/2017: 1@1 Action: RISE with Eve Ensler
1/30/2017: 1@1 Action: ADD with Aly Palmer
1/21/2017: The 1@1 Global Minute of Silence


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Poster: Global Minute of Silence Lyrics: "Rise" by BETTY

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