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1@1 is a bite-size chunk of revolution for the overwhelmed. This equality action amplifier project is a tool that connects, boosts and mobilizes in simple, ongoing ways. Designed to stave off burnout and complacency by delivering digestible weekly doses of inspiration by a feminist changemaker, 1@1 offers one small task to complete each week. Impromptu, informal and informative, 1@1 builds change through easy and consistent community action, amplifying larger efforts as it energizes and keeps busy, concerned people engaged.

1@1 Needs You

1@1 is a growing organization that needs your input to create the change we want to make in this world. Several times a month, we deliver one-minute videos on the 1@1 app from feminist changemakers who explain their project, cause or organization, and then end with an action ask: a simple task you can do to advance women’s equality.

Click on the link below to send us your ideas for actions that would advance women’s equality anywhere in the world. Our scope is broad, but our focus is women's equality. Here are possible areas to consider:

Equal Rights Amendment
Equal pay
Equal representation in government
Reproductive health & rights
Gender-based violence
Climate change
Welfare & social safety nets
Gun control
Sex trafficking
Child marriage
Access to education
And more ...

Have an idea for a 1@1 action? We’d love to hear from you.


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Poster: Global Minute of Silence Lyrics: "Rise" by BETTY

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